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KORAN = Jesus son of Mary said: a messenger who cometh after me, whose name is Ahmad " (Koran 61:6)

BIBLE = Jesus the Son of God said: “Many false prophets will arise, and will mislead many” (Matthew 24:11)


Is Mohammed a prophet? Does the Bible mention the name of Mohammed or Ahmad? Did Jesus promise us another man or prophet? The answer is really simple: if Mohammed is a prophet sent from God, then Jesus is not a saviour, and His work at the cross was in vain.

In this article I want to answer some the lies that Mohammed and the Moslems came up with: that Jesus prophesied of the coming of Mohammed. That lie is even supposed to be written in the Bible. After all, I am asked by the Koran to give my answer about it; as it is written, “Let the people of the Gospel judge by what Allah hath revealed therein. If any do fail to judge by (the light of) what Allah hath revealed, they are (no better than) those who rebel” (The Tabel 5:47).

They said that Jesus, in today's Gospel of John, called this human Prophet whose coming he predicted "The most praised."

In the Bible we can find the following four passages in which Jesus predicts a great event:

    John 14:16 "And I will pray to the Father, and he shall give you another Comforter, that he may abide with you for ever."

    John 15:26 "But when the Comforter is come, whom I will send unto you from the Father, [even] the Spirit of truth, which proceedeth from the Father, he shall testify of me."

    John 14:26 "But the Comforter, [which is] the Holy Ghost, whom the Father will send in my name, he shall teach you all things, and bring all things to your remembrance, whatsoever I have said unto you."

    John 16:7-14 "Nevertheless I tell you the truth; It is expedient for you that I go away: for if I go not away, the Comforter will not come unto you; but if I depart, I will send him unto you.

In these verses we are told that once Jesus departs, a Paraclete—a comforter—will come. He will glorify Jesus, and he will guide mankind into all truth. This "Paraclete" is identified in John 14:26 as the Holy Ghost. If many people believed the lies of Mohammed and accepted that the Koran has been given from God, we as Christians would not change our Bible, but defend it. Jesus did not tell us that there is a new prophet to come with a new book, but told us, “Many false prophets will arise, and will mislead many” (Matthew 24:11). One of them is Mohammed, John the apostle told us: “If anyone adds to this Bible, God shall add to him the plagues which are written in this book; and if anyone takes away from the words of the book, God shall take away his part from His book" (Revelation 22:18). Paul the apostle wrote to the Galatians, “If an angel from heaven, should preach to you a gospel contrary to that which we have preached to you, let him be accursed.” (Galatians 1:8).

The Holy Spirit, who Jesus promised would come, came fifty days after the resurrection of Jesus, came to dwell forever inside of every believer in Christ. Before the coming of Christ, the Holy Spirit was upon the king priest and prophet. Now, after the redeeming work of Jesus at the cross, every believer in Him is able to receive the indwelling of the Holy Spirit as a sign from God, as we read in the gospel of John 7:37:

    Jesus stood and cried out, saying, ‘If any man is thirsty, let him come to me and drink. He who believes in Me, as the scriptures said, from his innermost being shall flow rivers of living water.’ But this He spoke of the Spirit, whom those who believed in Him were to receive; for the Spirit was not yet given, because Jesus was not yet glorified.

The following points were promised concerning the Holy Spirit:

    1) “He may abide with you for ever” (John 14:16). Mohammed came to the world and died.

    2) “He will be in you” (John 14:17). Only a spirit can live inside of man—the Holy Spirit or an evil spirit—but it would be difficult for Mohammed to live inside of the disciples of Christ.

    3) “He shall testify of me” (John 15:26). Mohammed did not testify of Jesus, but of himself. In other words, Mohammed’s testimony came to destroy the work of Jesus. To testify of Jesus means to confess Him as the Lord of Lords and the King of Kings.

    4) “And bring all things to your remembrance, whatsoever I have said unto you” (John 14:26). Mohammed taught the opposite of what Jesus taught, hate and killing instead of love and forgiveness, and many other things.

    5) “The world can not see him, but you know him” (John 14:17). We see in this verse that the Spirit is not going to be seen, and He will abide with you, and be with you (the disciples of Christ). Mohammed was rejected from the followers of Christ, since they knew from their Master that many false prophets are going to come to the world; that is why Mohammed and his followers killed them with the sword.

That Periklytos, the Holy Spirit whom Jesus said that He would send, came fifty days after the resurrection of Jesus. As we see in the book of Acts 1:4, “He commanded them not to leave Jerusalem, but to wait for what the father had promised, which you heard of from me.” Mohammed came 600 years after the coming of the Holy Spirit. He came after the message of the gospel had been spread all over Europe, all over the Arabic countries, even Saudi Arabia. Mohammed was a “real comforter and helper” to the Christians by forcing them to believe in his message or to pay high taxes or even death.

“And if you (Mohammed) are in doubt concerning that which We have revealed unto you, then ask those who read the Scripture (The Christians and the Jews) before you.” Yunus (10):94)

According to this verse, Mohammed and the Moslems are supposed to ask Christians whether the revelation of Mohammed is from God or not. That’s why the answer is, that such verse like:

    And when Jesus son of Mary said: O Children of Israel! Lo! I am the messenger of Allah unto you, confirming that which was (revealed) before me in the Torah, and bringing good tidings of a messenger who cometh after me, whose name is Ahmad (the Praised One) (Qur'an 61:6).

does not exist anywhere in the entire Bible.

If any Moslem—including Mohammed—is in doubt concerning this verse, he is commanded from God to read the Bible for himself (since the Bible is from God as it is written in the Koran). Then He will find that the name Mohammed or Ahmed is not mentioned in the Bible. That’s why we have to choose between the Bible and the Koran, Jesus as Lord and Saviour and Mohammed as a false prophet.


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